Scott LaRoque

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, Scott LaRoque has spent his career developing companies and expanding on creative strategies for success in the rapidly evolving field of healthcare. With a unique blend of clinical and business acumen, Scott leverages “servant minded” methods that drive improved business practices to achieve increased efficiency, substantial savings and better patient outcomes for MPOWERHealth’s customers. Through value-based care solutions and partnerships with independent specialty physicians, hospitals and payors, Scott is rewriting the healthcare narrative.

LaRoque received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the University of Texas, Austin, Texas, and went on to do advanced studies at Vanderbilt University. His philanthropic activities include supporting medical missions in Africa and establishing a neurophysiology fellowship program to train physicians for developing nations.

Scott’s creative energy centers on working with private physicians to solve their problems. He has launched an ambitious predictive analytics venture. It uses predictive analytics to give physician better treatment options and patients better outcomes.

More than fifty-thousand patients have benefited from Mpower’s proprietary approach.

Scott’s entrepreneurial spirit first built an Intraoperative Monitoring (IOM) firm. He grew it into one of the largest privately held IOM companies in North America.

A biology graduate from the University of Texas, Scott strives to improve healthcare. Research about the human nervous system influenced his studies at Vanderbilt University.

He devotes philanthropic support to medical missions in Africa. Scott established a neurophysiology fellowship program to train physicians from emerging economies. He wants to make a self-sustaining impact on less fortunate societies.

Scott and his family of seven children resides outside of Austin in the Texas Hill Country. They live an exuberant lifestyle and he cherishes every moment with his family.

True to his fearless discipline, Scott scuba dives, white water kayaks, and trains to climb Mt. Everest.