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Partnering to create alignment and drive better efficiencies and outcomes.


Our best-in-class neuromonitoring services are available direct to health systems, hospitals and medical facilities, driving better outcomes and efficiencies while reducing revisions and readmissions.

The MPOWERHealth Difference


Robust Investment in Analytics

One of the most valuable aspects of MPOWERHealth is our ability to address the fundamental problems resulting in poor quality and outcomes. By understanding the patterns in our data, we can act on trends before they become cost-draining issues.

Aligned Management

The management team of MPOWERHealth is dedicated to championing Value-Based Care initiatives and ensuring a unity of expectations throughout the organization.

Data Driven Measurable Results

Mpower values quality outcomes. The only way to report on those outcomes is through quality data with measurable results, and ours happen to be exceptional. MPOWERHealth IONM produces a 99.67% Positive Patient Outcome (PPO).

Joint Commission Accredited

MPOWERHealth IONM is Joint Commission Accredited, allowing your facility the opportunity to delegate credentialing. At the conclusion of our most recent audit, we were deemed “highly reliable”.

Focus on Patient Engagement

MPOWERHealth invests in strategies that personalize delivery to patients’ needs and preferences. We engage patients through a perioperative approach, with pre-op patient interviews and post-op assessments. This allows us to improve clinical outcomes, increase patient satisfaction scores and improve service delivery.

Dedicated, Board-Certified Physicians

All our interpretation is performed by dedicated, board-certified physicians working in concert with the IONM tech and surgeon to identify and avoid potential injury to the integrity of the brain, spine, and peripheral nerve function during complex surgical procedures. This has been proven to reduce the risk of post-operative deficits as well as aid in the anatomical localization during surgery. It can also reduce operating time and increase efficiency.

Resource Utilization

One of MPOWERHealth’s greatest attributes is how we train and use our clinical resources. We look to ensure that every member of the staff is operating at the top of their license or certification. This increases operational efficiency and helps to manage overhead costs. MPOWERHealth technicians are CNIM certified, with many holding graduate-level degrees (M.A., M.S., Ph.D., M.D.), and are truly dedicated to their chosen craft.

Strategic Staffing Ratio

It has been proven that a familiar OR is a productive and efficient OR that generates positive patient outcomes. MPOWERHealth strives to create a 1:1 relationship between technician and each respective surgical team. The 99.67% Positive Patient Outcome (PPO) speaks to this point.

Key Stats:

Surgeons: 370

Facilities: 323

States: 22

3 Year Case CAGR: 27%

Annual Cases: 35,000